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Water Heater Service

Have you ever looked at what comes out of your water heater when it is drained? Most people do not. Sometimes, draining the water heater just isn't enough when getting service, it needs to be cleaned. Why? Calcium!

Calcium is often found in large quantities in hard water. Hard water is a major problem for water heaters and if the water heater does not get regular service and cleaning, calcium can build up and cause major issues. One way calcium can cause issues is by getting stuck on the pressure relief valve springs causing it to stick. A stuck valve could result in excessive pressure and could cause damage to your water heater, or worse, EXPLODE!

There are a few tricks to getting calcium cleared from the water heater and one of the most common and less abrasive ways is to use a normal everyday product like vinegar.

Vinegar will break down calcium and clear it out of the water heater. Doing this will be a great way to help ensure lengthening the life of the relief valve as well as the water heater itself, not to mention the love and thanks you get from your family because they will not have to take a bath in that stuff (EWWWWW YUCK!!!!).

If you need your water heater serviced and cleaned, please reach out:

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