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Meet the Team

Ray Chambers, owner of Georgia RV Inspection and Repair

Meet our owner, Ray Chambers. Ray is a veratile professional with a deep understanding of the RV industry. As a NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, NRVTA Certified Technician, and Certified Onan Generator Specialist, his expertise spans across various aspects of RV inspection, maintenance and repair. With his MBA in hand, Ray not only excels in the technical realm but also in business management. Leveraging his extensive IT background, Ray is spearheading the launch of their online parts store, combining his passion for RV's with his digital acumen to provide customers with a convenient way to access quality parts and accessories. Ray's innovative approach ensures that Georgia RV Inspection and Repair remains at the forefront of the industry, catering to the diverse needs of RV enthusiasts with excellence and efficiency. 

Certified Inspector / NRVIA Cert # 2966

Certified RV Technician/ RVTAA Cert # 1221.1299

Meet Susan Chambers, our behind the scenes Business Office Manager. She handles a myriad of responsibilties, from putting together quotes and ordering parts to managing the books and social media platforms and so much more. She helps to keep our operations running smoothly, ensuring that every aspect of our business is finely tuned and efficient.

Meet Lorrie Ivey, our dedicated Receptionist and Dispatcher. Lorrie is the friendly face and voice that greets visitors and handles incoming calls with professionalism and warmth. Whether assisting guests in person or coordinating logistics behind the scenes, Lorrie is an integral part of our team, always ready to provide top-notch service with a smile. 

We love everything RV related and that is how we stumbled onto this business. We started as an RV Rental Company, US RV Adventure and we have had the pleasure of being part of many "bucket list" trips and our RV's have been across the country and back many times. RV's, as you all are aware, require a lot of maintenance and repairs. We had a challenging time finding a repair company that was available, for one, and one that could accommodate our crazy RV rental calendar. We immediately saw a need and jumped into action and started our RV Repair and Inspection business. Read more about how we got started! 

Education and training is vital in this business. We received our training at NRVTA, National RV Training Academy in Athens, TX. We have certified RV Technicians and an NRVIA Certified Inspector on staff. That means that we have the knowledge and resources necessary to perform critical repairs as well as routine maintenance on RV's. 

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