Mobile RV Repairs

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Mobile rv repairs  

Georgia RV Inspection and Repair is conveniently located near all the Lake Lanier Campgrounds. We bring our service shop to you!

Please note, we do not do any work on Chassis, Engine, Drive Train, Brakes or Tires at this time. 

Slide-Out Issues

If your RV slide-out stops working, call us today. We keep some of the most common motors and controllers in stock.




If the RV leveling jacks won't retract, there are several things that could be causing a problem. We are here to diagnose the issue and get you back up and running in no time!


Is your Awning Fabric or slide-out Topper worn out or damaged? We can replace the fabric and make it look new again. If your Awning is damaged, we can repair or replace it as well.  



We service and repair Generators. RV Generators should last you a long time with proper maintenance. However, if you have issues, we can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your RV generator




There are many components to the RV Electrical system and if your RV isn't getting power, call us today to set up an appointment. 

Water System


From Water Pump issues to water leaks and Wastewater issues, we can tackle your plumbing issues.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!

Roof Leaks

RV Roofs should be inspected every 6 months or so and resealed every year to prevent leaks. If a leak or soft spots goes unnoticed for too long, it could be a costly replacement. Extended warranties require roof inspections as well, so call us today to get on the schedule.


RV Furnaces

We can troubleshoot, repair and replace RV Furnaces. Make sure that your furnace is in good working condition. Contact us before you know you will need your furnace for a check-up.


Air Conditioning Units

Is your RV Air Conditioning unit freezing up or leaking? Or is it blowing warm air? Our service team can diagnose, fix or replace your AC unit. 



Do you need an appliance repaired or replaced in your RV or Travel Trailer? From water heaters, furnaces and AC units to refrigerators, microwaves, cooktops and ovens, we can offer services at your location.




Converters turn AC power to DC power to get city power into your battery bank. Inverters takes DC power from your battery banks and turns it to AC power to run your lights and fridge. If your 12 Volt devices don't work, you may have an issue with either your converter or inverter. Call us and we can diagnose and replace. 

Electric Step Motors


We can help you with your steps into your RV, whether you just need a motor replacement or an entire step assembly. Call us today for a quote!

Please note, we do not do any work on Chassis, Engine, Drive Train, Brakes or Tires at this time. 

RV Repair Shop Worker with Appliance Tes

Weekend/After hour Rates:

  • $160 Service Call Minimum for up to 25 miles from Dacula, Georgia. Each additional mile, it is $2.50 per mile. 
  • Plus $150 / hour with a 1 hour minimum


Standard Service Call
Monday through Friday 8 am - 6 pm

  • $80 Service Call Minimum for up to 25 miles from Dacula, Georgia. Each additional mile, it is $2.00 per mile. 
  • Plus $150 / hour with a 1 hour minimum. Sometimes the first hour is diagnostics only and may require a return visit with parts. 
  • Partial hours, after the first hour are billed to the nearest 15 minutes. 
  • Any work requiring two or more techs, will be additional per hours worked.

  • Plus Parts, as required

Service Call is a fee for our technician to come out to you. It covers things like fuel, insurance, wear and tear on our service vehicle as well as our time to get out to you. This is a required fee, even if we already happen to be in the same campground. 


We can work with your

Extended Warranty Provider

If you purchased an Extended Warranty Plan through your RV dealership to cover mechanical breakdowns, we can assist you with your repairs. We work with all Extended Service Plans to provide covered service for your RV. We will contact the Provider and get all the work set up.


We conduct Forever Warranty Inspections to maintain that coverage. We will send you a detailed report of that inspection for your records.


New Vehicle Warranty, We can work with you on getting any repairs fixed. For all manufacturers warranty, we require payment up front upon completion of repair. We will provide you all the information needed for you to process the receipt with the manufacturer for reimbursement.

RV Warranty Claim Process 

​How the process works:

  1. Contact the Manufacturer – All warranty claims will require: model number, serial number, date of purchase, year, make, model and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your RV. All Warranty work must be preapproved from your manufacturer before having a mobile repair company come out or they will not reimburse you under the Warranty for the repairs. This communication and authorization requests should be done by email. 

  2. Schedule a service appointment with our team – Our technicians will diagnose the cause of your issue, take any required photographs and help determine the appropriate course of action, and start on repairs, if authorized.  Note — our mobile service fee for warranty work may not be covered by manufacture warranty and you may not get reimbursed for that portion.

  3. Often manufacturers will require parts be sent directly from their facility to complete your repair. If we are not able to complete your repair during our initial visit, a follow-up visit will be required to complete your repair.

  4. Send Invoice to the manufacturer for reimbursement along with the pictures and documentation that we provide.