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RV Alarm is randomly going off

At Georgia RV Inspection and Repair, we utilize technology to inspect and identify potential issues. We often get calls about CO2 or LP alarms going off randomly.

Experience has taught us that alarms go off for reasons that are not random. These are life safety devices, and they are installed on RVs for the safety of our families. We have done upgrades, repairs, and even inspections where we have found these devices disabled.

It is vital that these items be checked yearly and tested to ensure they are working.

Why? Well, here is a great example.

I was inspecting an RV not to long ago, and while I was inspecting the furnace the fire alarm started alerting then it would stop. I figured I would look later because it was likely a bad alarm because I didn't see a fire and I didn't see smoke. After about the 3rd round of the alarm going on and off, I decided to see what was going on. Visibly, I couldn't find anything, so I grabbed the IR camera and started the hunt. The only place I could find significant heat was the furnace and the duct work coming off the duct work.

What I also found was wires sitting on the duct work and venting in the RV. You can see those in the photo above on the top right hand side. If you look at each of the 3 boxes you will notice (left where the red arrows are) the max temps were between 104 and almost180 degrees. Notice the light orange color around those wires. Their color show the wires being some where above 90 degrees.

When I spotted this, I moved the wires and the alarm went away. Imagine that. Something so small being a life safety issue that was a fire hazard.

Always keep up with your safety devices. Test them and ensure they are in working order.

If your alarm is sounding, do not discard it. Find out the reason your alarm is sounding, you never known, it may be something that saves your life.

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