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RV Up Keep.. The Golden Seal

As we approach spring, our favorite camping season, we find ourselves putting off some of the most important things caring for our RV. “Maintenance”


Maintenance is key in keeping your RV on the road for a very long time protecting your golden experience maker and while there are many things covered under the maintenance umbrella, we are going to discuss protecting your beauty from one of the biggest RV killers, water.


Water will destroy an RV faster than almost anything. Once rot sets in it becomes very expensive to repair. It is very simple to protect against water intrusion by performing maintenance on your RV keeping the side walls, end caps, and roof sealed. Some will suggest you check once per year, but we suggest every 6 months.


When you drive, your RV moves left, right, front, and back. As many say, it is an earthquake every time your RV moves. This constant movement can cause sealant that is thin in areas to release allowing for water to enter the RV and do its damage.

Some tips when you seal your RV. Silicone does not stick to Dicor, so do not use them together. If you want to remove Dicor and replace it with Silicone remove the Dicor and clean the area with acetone or some other cleaner that will clean the area from anything that will prevent the silicone from sticking.

So always be vigilant and keep your RV sealed.

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